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Sensitivity of Image Sensors to IR

It is probably common knowledge that the camera in your phone can see the LED on your TV remote go ON and OFF whereas your eye cannot. This happens because the LED on the remote emits light in the infra-red range to which the human eye is not sensitive. But most image sensors are sensitive … Continue reading

Virtual Machine for Arduino

Why a virtual machine? Firstly, I had a lot of time. Secondly, because it can be done. Also, it is fascinating to me that a device can keep its actual hardware hidden and project an entirely different hardware to the user. I have to say that I have not had any formal education on virtual … Continue reading


Arduino Video Game

I have always wanted to build a video game and finally, I have done it in my own little way. I knew I wanted to build a space ship kind of shooter game. Two player ofcourse. Another thing I knew was that I wanted to use interrupts for all the button press – forward, backward, … Continue reading


Originally posted on Electronics Mail:
Bombe Machine used to break German Enigma Codes during WWII (Image Source:Wikipedia)   All of us have heard of cryptography. We are familiar with several algorithms. But how many of us have tried to break those algorithms? Have we ever put ourselves in the place of an attacker? Have we…

Reverse Engineering of Chips

Originally posted on Electronics Mail:
Author: Nakul Rao I   We have all studied VLSI, or atleast we will. So we know how chips are made, how integrated circuits are constructed. But now there is a new fast emerging field; that of reverse engineering integrated chips. Basically it’s the same as opening up your old…


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