I have attached a video and a picture – a single player pong game and a two player version. The two games are written in Processing. I didn’t find a way to convert it into an exe package. So, to run it you must have Processing installed in your PC. The entire code is available at https://github.com/nakul13/PONG.


It is fun to play your own game. But after sometime I started having a few ideas. What if the path the ball traces is made visible. The answer to that is that the screen will be white pretty soon and you won’t be able to play. But what if the path of the ball had nice colors like red, green and blue? What would it look like? I tried it out and here is what I got.




What I did was to change the ball color every time it hit the paddle and also more importantly made the colors translucent. Opaque colors would be very boring.


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