Arduino Video Game

I have always wanted to build a video game and finally, I have done it in my own little way.

I knew I wanted to build a space ship kind of shooter game. Two player ofcourse. Another thing I knew was that I wanted to use interrupts for all the button press – forward, backward, right, left and shoot. There were a lot of design decisions to be made in this project. The first one was what should be the shape of the spaceship and the bullet/missile. I tried out a few different choices and rounded in on one.

Simultaneously, I started looking for some interrupt libraries. There are several available actually. After trying out a couple, I decided to go with ‘pinchangeint-v2.19beta’.

First, I tried to get a spaceship on the screen shooting continuous bullets which worked just fine. And I forgot to mention this earlier, but I am using a 16×2 character LCD display because, well, I have no other option. I have a few spare 16×2 lcd lying around and I thought it would be a good idea to use them. I do agree that it makes the game very restricted, but it I went ahead with it anyhow.

I had to come up with an overall scheme of things. How would everything work together? As I mentioned earlier, the button press will be handled by interrupts. The most important thing to decide would be to decide how to update the screen. There is a main function which will draw all the characters on the lcd. The other important function is to detect collisions between ships, missiles and obstructions. And there are a bunch of other functions to calculate positions of missiles and ships.

When you look at the code you will find that it is kind of messy. I could have made it neater and organized it better. The functions are written separately for the two players. Instead, I could have made a single function and then pass some parameter into the function. I hope you get the idea. In my defense I would say that I had no incentive to do any of that. I did a quick and dirty implementation and if it works I am happy with it.

Here is a few pictures of the hardware and the game in action.

Video Game Spaceship Character
Video Game Spaceship Character

Different options for Spaceship Charecter
Different options for Spaceship Charecter

Video Game Borard
Video Game Borard

Game in Action
Game in Action


JK Megamini - Arduino 2560 Clone
JK Megamini – Arduino 2560 Clone


Note from the video that the obstacles/barriers are designed to stop only the ship and not the missiles.

The source code is available at


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